Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Free Market Mind Trick

People seldom know why they do things.  Oh, most people think they know their own motivations, but few people actually sit down and ask themselves why they say, act, or think the way they do.  For some reason, the shower is the place where I review the previous day.  Something about being in a closed space with no distractions but the routine of cleaning makes me introspective.  Yesterday, I had an epiphany..

I hate free market economies.

Or rather, I hate the innovations that come from them...

More specifically, I hate having to choose between two high price items that both seem equally great.

Here's my dilemma.  Its about time for me to get a new phone, my old one is on its last legs.  For the past few years, everyone has been telling me how great the Iphone is.  My friends, my coworkers, even my own brother and father have been singing its praises.  Its just got so many useful apps!  Its like all of a sudden everyone's got little computers in their pocket, like Penny from the old Inspector Gadget cartoon!  The future is now!  (In this example, the future is a cartoon from the late 80's, but you get the idea)..
You gotta admit, this thing was go-go-Gadget awesome!

My point is that for as long as I've been entertaining the notion of a new phone, the almost universal consensus was 'if you want the best and you're willing to pay for it, get an Iphone'.

And I loved that.  My world was simple.  Easy.  Goal: Get a great phone.  Solution: Get money, but an Iphone.  It couldn't be less complicated.

Then one day, out of nowhere, suddenly everyone is talking about this phone called an Android...or a Droid, for short.  Apparently, what it lacks in app support, it makes up for in other cool features, like the ability to play certain kinds of media files that the iphone can't, or the fact that its name makes me think of Star Wars.

Now all of a sudden, my world is cast into doubt and confusion!  I have to actually RESEARCH this stuff and find out what the best item is.  Its not like when I bought a handheld video game player and the Gameboy DSi was the big dog in the yard.  Suddenly there are two contenders and I can't get good odds on either one.

They're both so expensive that I really don't want to make the wrong choice and have to regret it later....because, like this stormtrooper, it would haunt me forever: